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Closely-Held Business Matters

Our firm has represented over hundreds of closely held businesses, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and family owned businesses. We are committed to advising our clients about legal structures and strategies that will add value to their businesses. Attorneys in or firm assist closely held businesses in the following areas:

Formation of Business Entities

We work with clients to determine what type of business entity they should form. There are many forms of business ownership which include corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Our knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of various business forms and their tax aspects enables us to recommend which form of ownership best suits a client's needs. We assist our clients with the formation, organization, business minutes and tax filings to enable them to start-up their business venture.

Employment Agreements

In today's marketplace, many business owners want to retain key employees to assure their continued success. Retaining key employees creates a need for employment agreements and benefit plans. Our firm is well-versed in counseling clients about the terms and provisions that should be included in their employment agreements to give key employees the incentive to remain with their business.

Shareholder Agreements

Our firm is highly respect for its ability at creating business arrangements that avoid or minimize dispute among business owners. If is a business is owned by more than one owner, having a shareholder agreement may avoid and resolve potential disputes. Shareholder agreements deal with issues such as death or disability of a business owner as well as the departure or retirement of a business owner. Our firm has extensive experience in drafting shareholders agreements for various types of businesses, including medical professional associations, retail and convenience stores, manufacturers, start-up internet companies, real estate management companies and computer consulting firms.

Corporate Transactions

Our firm represents closely held businesses in a various corporate transactions, including general corporate and commercial matters, tax-free acquisitions, spin-offs and corporate divisions. Our attorneys counsel clients in the structure, negotiation and consummation of complex business deals, including the sale of their business assets or sale of stock and the acquisition of new business ventures.

Business Succession Planning

Owners of a closely held business face the same issues: What will happen to the business upon retirement? Who will continue to run the business operations? Who will eventually own the business upon retirement or death? Is there a way in which to guarantee a desired outcome? Our firm assists clients by providing them with the alternatives to meet their desired outcome. These alternatives usually involve sensitive planning issues, estate and income tax strategies and family issues. Estate freezing techniques such as family limited partnerships or family limited liability companies are utilized to accomplish a client's objectives regarding the succession of their business.

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